A Cultural Setback


By Hazel Kutkue

One of the last frontiers, unconquered. Even the attitudes and the “bad” cultures are unconquered.

We have out here, a culture of time-wasting, bad, almost disrespectful attitudes among the whole population. The exception are the uncorrupted mind of babies and toddlers, free from the influences that will later shape them into also corrupted adults.

People tend to think corruption is clustered somewhere among the grounds of Waigani, where politicians are based. People embody corruption as a pot bellied, double-chinned man or men in dark suits sitting in swivel chairs on a green carpet. But, they never realize the real roots of corruption. It’s all in the culture.

Ours is a culture that encourages us to be lazy. Our people think handouts are the way to go. Free money for doing nothing, burnt in a day, on binge drinking and binge shopping. Story telling, hours on end, not minding the minutes and the seconds. No! There’s tomorrow, people say. There’s time!

In our culture, we are content with the way things are! We don’t worry about a broken louvre, a dirty front porch, a dirty front yard and the old chair we can repaint! Everything is okay! We are content with the way things are! Ours is a culture that is satisfied with the lowest quality of anything!

Ours is the culture that says girls are second best! Women can say this or that only after the men speak. Women do not do things as perfectly as men. Men can do these things and women cannot!

How pathetic a culture! How sad! A culture so negative, so destructive, and yet we feed it! Yet we fatten it! Yet we embrace it!

What is to blame? Our ancestors? Maybe not, their times were so much different! Ours is a changing world! Our culture should be evolving for the better, yet we are stuck! Stuck in a rut, digging holes to get out, but infact digging graves!

What if after reading this, you decide to not be content with the way things are? What if you decide to wake at 6am each day and clean out the muck of yesterday? What of you decide to never waste a minute?

Will our culture then be a less corrupt one? Will it?◻️


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